Environmental Friendly Dinnerwear

Areca plates are eco-friendly as well as disposable. These plates are the best alternative to plastic / polymer products and better then paper-based products.

  • Areca Round Plates 4 inch
  • Areca Round Plates 6 inch
  • Areca Round Plates 8 inch
  • Areca Round Plates 10 inch
Round areca plates
Round areca plates

Even in star hotels, fast foods joints, coffee shops and restaurants, these bowls are used to serve various kinds of food items as it provides a great look to the entire arrangement.

  • Areca Soup Bowls
  • Areca Round Bowls

Areca food trays are made using the organic material. They look stylish as well as they are free from toxic chemicals. They can serve both Hot and cold and can be used in microwave ovens.

  • Areca rectangle Plates 4 inch
  • Areca rectangle Plates 6 inch
  • Areca rectangle Plates 8 inch
  • Areca rectangle Plates 10 inch
Round areca plates
Round areca plates

Our dinnerware combines style with practicality. And you can easily make a statement by giving a finishing touch with our recyclable designer plates.

  • Areca Oval plates 4 inch
  • Areca Oval plates 6 inch
  • Areca Oval plates 8 inch